One off pieces, experiments and spring boards into new developments.

Bronze Wave
Ode to the Great Wave
A background of 22 carat moon gold leaf with poured and softened blue glazes. 160cm x 160cm
carved "silicon" crystal gilded with palladium leaf on a background of chemically patinated brass leaf which has then been rubbed through to reveal the base. 120cm H x 60cm W
Sparklwren Backdrop
A bespoke 3 panel piece of antiqued and distressed brass metal leaf over a black background created for the very talented Jenni at Sparklwren corsetry
Aubergine Abstract I
Silver leaf distressed to reveal the aubergine and pinks taken from the clients interior 180cm W x 120cm H
Aubergine Abstract II
Silver leaf distressed to reveal the aubergine and pinks taken from the clients interior 180cm H x 120cm W
The Source
A section of my antique gold finish created for the Donna Karan stores (sadly no more). The job which started this ball rolling for me.
Interior of The Donna Karan Flagship store on Bond Street London
The job which opened my mind to the possibility of turning my hand to pure artwork rather that transient interiors. This store was taken over and incorporated into the Louis Vuitton store which I also worked on
Sun Flare
23 carat gold leaf distressed to reveal the black bole background beneath 40cm x 40cm
Golden Icon
One of my earliest pieces. Brass leaf with chemical patination and verdigris left exposed to react in the Brighton air! 240cm W x 150cmH
Made in situ in the apartment I had just finished decorating! My first canvas as up until this point I worked directly onto walls.
Golden Icon (Detail 01)
Golden Icon (Detail 02)
Into the Caldera
I made this piece for our sitting room to compliment the neutral tones and gold metallic accessories.
A rippled background with gold metal leaf, bronze glazes and black and grey details. 130cm x 130cm
Inspired by a rusty bracket on a zinc tank! I wanted something which would bring together the colours in the different finishes in our dining room
In situ. From a magazine article in 25 Beautiful Homes Magazine 2017. Photography by http://photoword.co.uk/
Tilia I
Inspired microphotography of lime tree branches.
Rippled textures gilded in silver metal leaf with mink glazes 130cm H x 100cm W
Tilia II
A large diptych destined for a poolside residence
Each Panel 220cm H x 100cm W
Tilia III
a sample of Tilia which I can bring to client meetings
Tilia III
In situ in my clients sitting room. The colours were matched to the soft furnishing fabrics during our initial design meeting
Quarry I
Based on a photograph taken by my friend Kim Senior as she hiked through Vermont. This is a flooded disused quarry. The colours are fully representative of the marble walls and the shiny black represents to black waters beneath
Quarry I (Detail 01)
Quarry I (Detail 02)
The Light Thief
My first sculpture which was inspired by naturally occurring crystal geodes. With 22 carat gold interior and freshwater baroque pearls and an exterior of polished black plaster. Approximately 23 cm diameter
The Light Thief I (Detail)
Frosty Morning
silver leaf with white mists
Big Blue
One of my original pieces for The Sofa and Chair company inspired by lichen growing on limestone. 230cm H x 150cm W
Void I
One of my rare sculptural pieces. Jewellers silver wire woven onto a box frame with gilded organic resin detail and burnt sienna glazes. The background is removable and dark on one side and light on the other to give the viewer a completely different look
Point of Least Resistance
Raised black polished plaster and dark shadows over an antique glazed gold leaf background
Fire and Ice
Inspired by volcanic landscape of Iceland where fire and ice meet. 150cm W x 130cm H
Fire and Ice (Detail)
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Quarry I (Detail 01)