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Emily Swift-Jones


For over 20 Years Emily worked in the high end decorative surface industry, crafting some of the most prestigious interiors in the world, from stunning retail spaces for Donna Karan to managing the decoration of the Queen's Gallery at Buckingham Palace, and working on exclusive international developments.


The skills that she developed over that time as one of the most sought-after and admired specialists in an already highly specialist field – including her understanding of colour and surface, and her intimate knowledge of the chemistry behind her materials – has allowed her to move easily into the Bespoke Art market, where she has been able to give free rein to her innate flair for the dramatic. Today, Emily's bespoke and often site-specific pieces serve not only the ​cream of contemporary interior designers, but also a growing number of discerning private clients who savour the chance to own something breathtaking, original, and sublime.


No two pieces are the same: every canvas is a product not only of the artist's imagination but also of the client's desire and the space the finished piece will inhabit. Inspired by nature, geology, and a mid-century/Modernist design ethos, each artwork grows through consultation to be a unique statement piece, defined as much by its location as by the artist's will. 


Emily's powerful, opulent works incorporate metal powders and filings (which are designed to change over time as they age), highlights laid down in precious metal leaf, such as gold and palladium, and sparkling crystal highlights or the twisted forms of natural pearls. Emily creates compelling, living art that draws the viewer back, time and time again, both to discover its hidden depths and to witness its evolution.

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