Urban Wetlands

Texture and Paint with a glint of gold or silver leaf conspire to weave an imposing visual narrative.

Urban Wetlands At Dusk I
This was the first of it's kind and only 45 cm w x 30cm H. The following commission was 300cm W x 210cm H!
An Unlikely Matrix triptych
Unfortunately the original painting purchased for this project was too large to navigate into the apartment so the designer had it printed at high resolution onto three panels and reassembled in situ. The owner has both a one off print AND the original piece to enjoy. Many thanks to Stan Katz and photographer Simon Eldon https://www.simoneldon.co.uk/
Urban Wetlands at Dusk II
The first big canvas I created for The Sofa and Chair company 300cm W x 210cm H
Urban Wetlands II (Detail)
many layers of glaze and paint over a horizontally rippled surface
Urban Wetlands at Dusk III
I remember being asked "How will you make sure they are all the same?" and I realised very quickly that the point is that they are all unique and change according to so many variables
Urban Wetlands IV
This piece is often used as a backdrop for glamerous promotional shot by The Sofa and Chair company
Urban Wetlands VI b
Displayed in the showroom of The Sofa and Chair company
Urban Wetlands VI c
with thanks to Alessandro de Besi for use of his beautiful photographs
Urban Wetlands VIII
Urban Wetlands IX
a smaller version at 1800cm W x 1200cm H
Urban Wetlands XII
Urban Wetlands XIV (In Situ)
with a gloss floating frame
Urban Wetlands XVII
This piece incorporated soft blues and bronzes taken from the interior furnishings
Urban Wetlands at Dusk in Situ
Commissioned by Diaz Interiors to compliment their colour scheme in this London residence
Urban Wetlands XXI
Urban Wetlands with Teal
Urban Wetlands with Teal (Detail 01)
Urban Wetlands at Dusk Triptych
This triptych was designed for the entrance lobby of a newly refurbished central London office building
Urban Wetlands Nocturn (Detail01)
Urban Wetlands Nocturn (Detail02)
Urban Wetlands XXII
Urban Wetlands at Dusk promotion shot
Photograph by Alessandro de Besi
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Summer Grasslands

Pearlescent and polished plasters form multilayered yet light imagery. 

Summer Heathland I
Summer Heathland I (Detail 01) I
Summer Wetland Detail 01
Summer Wetland Detail 03
Summer Heathlands III
The Lavender Fields
This dining room diptych has a pearlescent background using @Perlata paint and details in silver and damson metallics. Interior design and styling. Many thanks to interior designer Sarah Mailer ...it was a lovely project to work on and the design meetings with the client were so enjoyable.
The Lavender Fields Diptych
For Sarah Mailer Design
Summer Grasslands (Detail 02)
Summer Wetlands (Detail 01)
Adding small red details which will be gilded in gold. The red helps me to find all of those tiny details and enriches the colour of the gold
200cm W x 110cm H
Summer Wetlands in Paynes Grey
with a taupe polished plaster background and flora in grey, paynes grey and blue with silver metallic highlights and added gold leaf details
Summer Wetlands in Turquoise
Summer Heath in Bloom
This is the 2nd piece Sarah Mailer commissioned for this comfortable and glamerous residential project
Summer Heath in Bloom (Detail)
showing the layers of glaze, paint and palladium leaf
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Broken Bridge

Abstract landscapes create wide open vistas of endless scope. Inspired by the wide open Lincolnshire landscapes of my childhood.

Broken Bridge I
My first imaginary landscape inspired by the open space and endless skies I enjoyed in my Lincolnshire and Rutland
The Lux deco Decorex stand 2017
Thanks to Laura Hammett Interiors for the Instagram shot taken from the stand during the show
Harvest I Part 1
This piece was commissioned by Luxdeco for their stand at Decorex. It incorporates many of the colours used in this relaxed room scheme.
Harvest I Part 2
This piece was commissioned by Luxdeco for their stand at Decorex.
Becoming a diptych
The new owner of "Harvest" wanted to expand the piece in her room so I took back the original to work from and created a 2nd piece to expand the view. With bespoke frames painted in a complimentary taupe finish
Broken Bridge II
Broken Bridge III
Rutland Water
A triptych on polished plaster with subtle neutral tones and shimmering golds. 3 Panels 30cm W x 90cm H
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Waters Edge

Juddering texture and deep bronze and blacks create gritty abstract vistas. Inspired by Rutland Water 

Still Waters
Inspired by Rutland water
Still Waters II
Inspired by Rutland Water
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Wetlands At Night

plasters and pigments fuse in a nocturnal take on the wetland theme

Wetland at Night I
My first experiment using polished plaster as a base for artwork involving bladed pearlescent glazes
Wetland at Night II b
Wetland at Night II b
Wetland at Night II (In Situ)
in situ. This was part of my original exclusive collection for The Sofa and Chair Company
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Icy tones  and crisp textures lend a cooling air to interiors.

Frozen Tundra I
Blush Pink, grey and mink glazes with misty white and silver leaf touches 300cm W x 210cmH
Created for The Sofa and Chair Company's pop up shop on Kings Road
Frozen Tundra II
Frozen Tundra II in Situ
On display at the Sofa and Chair Company's showroom
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Dark Moods

Brooding and mysterious these layered pieces add subtle drama to a room.

Black Mood
Black, grey and bronze metallic glaze over a rippled surface
Dark Thoughts
The subtlest surface texture catches antique glazes. This is a refined and subtle finish
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