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Dynamic, liquid spatters and swirling tendrils of molten metal set against brooding tones.

Above Men

Subtle textures and patinated silver leaf with a smokey ombre glaze mixed to co-ordinate and compliment the tones of your interior.


A horizontally rippled texture with a blue black background fading into hazy white. Patinated and bright silver leaf distressed to show the background with black and white high and low lights.


Metal leaf over subtle textures with patination and hazy glazes. Inspired by aerial and spacebourne photography


Inspired by the zen practice of Ensō where the artist freely or paints a circle. These poured plaster and gilded pieces represent uninhibited creation.

Split Pyrite

Pyrite "sun" disks form the inspiration here. The original pieces had a central disk with texture radiating outwards over a backdrop of luxurious venetian polished plaster. My recent pieces have used a cast "sun disc" because this form of pyrite is found in only one place - the Sparta mine in Illinois, U.S.A which has now closed 

Firestick Mosaic

Textured metal leaf overlaidd with rich glazes and patination create an organic and antediluvian vista. Inspired by a a method of grass burning employed by the aboriginal people of Australia which regenerated growth whilst limiting the progress of naturally occuring bush fires

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