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An Unlikely Matrix

Luxurious metal leaf gilded over richly textured organic surfaces with genuine crystals erupting from fissures

Fluid Dynamics

Concentric ripples in sparkling metal leaf and antique patinas surround real agate slices to create calming canvases that invite contemplation.

Ghost Dancer

Formations of mixed crystals amidst rich metallic lightly textured flowing backgrounds with smoky glazes 


Contrasting lightly textured surfaces with the sharp relief of crystal and freshwater pearl clusters; the offering series is a bold yet subtle statement.

Katharine Pooley's Exclusive Collection

The addition of crystals to the popular Argentous Series is the epitome of understated opulence. This series was created exclusively for award winning "Designer of The Decade" Katharine Pooley's Boutique in Chelsea.

Dark Star

Smokey Quartz bursts through 24ct gold and hazy bronzed and black glazes to create a moody a piece with high drama.

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