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 The Commission Process


1. First I need to establish size and orientation of the piece e.g portrait or landscape based, 1 piece or maybe a diptych, triptych or more panels depending on the available space and personal aesthetics. I can make a site visit or work from photographs to help you make a decision.


2. Create the palette for each piece:- You may have paint colour codes or names  I can refer to, fabrics I can have small samples to work from or I can come and colour match to existing colours in the room.
3. If gilding is to be a feature we need to choose which kind of metal and colour of the leaf. There are many kinds of metal leaf to choose from eg gold, silver, copper, white gold, Caplain etc I have colour charts showing what is available. The price of different leaf varies considerably and the cost fluctuates daily.


4. I show you some ideas I have, prices for each and can create a visualisation of the piece in situ.


5.  If you are happy to go ahead I will send you an invoice for 
50% of the total which acts as deposit and gives your commission priority.


6.  On receipt of the deposit I begin building the canvas. Some clients are happy to go straight ahead with the artwork at this point, but I can create samples of colours, textures and leaf colours for your approval before you finally commit. As soon as you are happy I can begin.


7. During the creative process I may send you photographs and updates of my progress, but not always as there are so many layers and stages involved that I often find it misleading.

8. Completion can be from 6 weeks to 12 weeks from the start of building the canvas. 
Occasionally the fates conspire against us, but I will inform you of any delays.


9.  Delivery- I like to deliver work myself or if I can't get away my husband will oblige. I like to meet clients and get out of the studio for a day trip :) 
10. I can also recommend a professional art hanger who would collect from me and deliver to you.

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